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FieldTwin API

Field Activity Planner is built on top of our PaaS solution FieldTwin. If you are planning to develop your own integrations and/or solutions around our FieldTwin offering you will need to use the API. The API allows you to integrate and provide Simulations, Calculations, Analytics as cloud services to the FieldTwin universe such as provided by our many integration partners:


Our PaaS offers a powerful REST API that gives you access to the entire FieldTwin generic network topology with the rich descriptive FieldTwin Metadata Domain model:


API Usage Examples

  • Everything (almost) accessible through the REST API

  • Add/Remove/Edit Metadata for any asset including virtual assets

  • Metadata allows for data types with UI elements and conditions

  • Pipelines is a generic Network Topology with height sampling

  • API allows for connection and well path x,y,z sampling

  • Custom Tabs for embeddable customer dashboards

  • Click Events and much more

API Developer Documentation

Please see the developer documentation for more information by clicking the link below.

This is the developer API documentation for FieldTwin