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Metadata System

Metadata is data that describes other data. Meta is a prefix that -- in most information technology usages -- means "an underlying definition or description." Metadata summarises basic information about data, which can make finding and working with particular instances of data easier.

The use of Metdata in FieldTwin allows you to enable DATA DRIVEN DESIGN in your pre-engineering phase when designing field layouts. Metadata allows you to build or link your own data model to your private Asset Library, the Generic library or as Virtual Assets.

This is especially useful for providing equipment and costing options while designing the field. E.g. by defining metadata your users can then select various equipment configurations with corresponding options and link them to your VendorID, WBS, cost specifications etc.


FieldTwin comes with a default metadata schema that covers most common subsea/subsurface engineering attributes and is closely aligned with CFHIOS/JIP-33 as shown below:


Metadata API Support

Everything you can do with the Meta Data Editor you can also do through the FieldTwin REST API so you can programatically configure everything. You can read more about the API here in the API DOCS

Metadata Definitions

Metadata Definitions, Metadata Groups and their corresponding settings are handled by the FieldTwin Admin application. You can find the online documentation here